My aim is to build a safe learning community in every classroom. I challenge students to try something new, develop skills through practice, and achieve a level of success that they can feel proud of. I bring energy, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and a passion for creating to the classroom. I believe that the media itself is secondary to the purpose and intention behind any artwork. Similarly, any art curriculum should address larger goals that connect individual projects to lifelong skills and discourse about personal, historical, and global issues impacting students today. I design every class to incorporate the following 21st Century skills: problem solving, technical craftsmanship, communication, and community building. In class, we consider the following questions: How does artwork from the past help us understand our world’s history? What are important questions of our time that we can present through our own artwork? Why might an artist choose a specific media and technique to convey their intended idea?

I contract independently with schools and organizations in Seattle and have worked with the Rotary Boys & Girls Club, the Gage Academy of Art, UW Summer Youth Programs, Kids Create, Powerful Schools, Artscorps, Power of Hope, and as an artist in residence with the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Discover Dance program.  If you are interested in hiring me to teach with your school or organization please email me at:

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